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As powerful as InTouch is on its own, adding a Wonderware Historian to your HMI solution will give you greater insight into your process with rich historical data capture and analysis tools. InTouch and Historian are the perfect combination, designed to expand your productivity, improve your bottom line and capitalize on your existing software investment.

Wonderware Historian enables you to store data at the resolution of your Process and retrieve data at the resolution of the Problem you are trying to solve. Wonderware Historian is the perfect solution for you to share detailed operational data with business users without compromising the security or performance of the control network.

Wonderware Historian makes access to consistent historical data from distributed InTouch nodes a breeze. All historical data is readily available to each InTouch node and Historian works with the trend built into InTouch, so it is easy to upgrade your application.

Ready for the cloud?

The Next Generation of more flexible and cost effective solutions are already here. Download this informative research article from ARC to learn more about the benefits of Cloud Computing and how plant historians are an ideal cloud application.

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Facts on Fiction: Operational Data Collection

What you think you know about historians might be harming you! Watch the on-demand panel discussion.

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The secret to getting even more from your InTouch system

Find out how Historian brings even more power to your InTouch system.

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Videos: The Wonderware Historian 

Four new videos that describe how adding a Wonderware Historian will provide greater insight into your process.

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Case studies and successes

Hear from the customers and find out why InTouch with Historian rocks!

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