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Wonderware Whitepapers

Wonderware InTouch doesn't sit at the edge of our customers’ business – it lives at the very core of the operation. These two additional whitepapers explains the importance of being an HMI, and more.

Component Object-Based SCADA and Supervisory System Application Development

InTouch ArchestrA Graphics use a highly efficient development approach which enables engineers to create standardized graphical objects and associate them with field I/O at runtime; this unique ArchestrA approach, saves a huge amount of engineering time, up to 90% for some projects.

Raising the Bar on Scalability

Seamless integration with ArchestrA technology allows your InTouch solution to scale from a single HMI node into a comprehensive system to support your evolving information and application requirements, wherever and whenever your business needs them.

More whitepapers

The Benefits of Component Object-Based SCADA and Supervisory System Application Development

This white paper differentiates the two methodologies and illustrates how developing SCADA and supervisory HMI products with component objects can result in an 80% cost reduction over developing them using a traditional tag-based approach. It also explains how to calculate the savings.

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Raising the Bar on Scalability

This whitepaper will explore the dimensions of scalability and hopefully set a new expectation for scalability for system and software purchasing decisions in the future by “raising the bar” on scalability

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