InTouch, the world's favorite HMI and so much more...

Though Wonderware InTouch started life as an HMI, and continues to be the world’s favorite HMI solution, InTouch today gives you so much more.

InTouch is not merely an operator interface, it is a critical component to support a plant-wide, real-time information strategy. Today's InTouch technology allows your InTouch solution to scale from a single HMI node into a comprehensive system to support your evolving information and application requirements, wherever and whenever your business needs them.

For over 25 years, businesses in all industries have trusted Wonderware InTouch to help them run those businesses better, faster, safer and cheaper. There are very good reasons why InTouch is still number one and a very good reason why it's called Wonderware!

HMI is Evolving – Learn about the possibilities

With today’s technology shift, the very concept of HMI has evolved so far beyond its roots that the “HMI” label seems inadequate.

Wonderware InTouch today is mobile, it’s scalable, it’s virtual, it’s flexible, it’s power at your fingertips. It forms the core of your entire industrial systems infrastructure - evolving and expanding to meet the demanding needs of your business. It’s also the most affordable, with the lowest total cost of ownership. You deserve the best and InTouch delivers!

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even more...

Beyond HMI...

Wonderware InTouch today is mobile, it’s scalable, it’s virtual, it’s flexible, it’s power at your fingertips. Find out more.

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Leveraging Virtualization

This whitepaper demystifies the jargon, gives you the basics you need and shows how virtualization can specifically benefit real-time companies like yours.

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There's a reason it's called Wonderware!

Enjoy our short videos that explain how Wonderware InTouch is not just the world's favorite HMI but so much more...

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See InTouch in Action!

Find out how to do more with less and drive maximum performance.

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So much more than just HMI...

One scalable solution for all your needs, find out how InTouch grows as you do - open the new ArchestrA System Platform brochure.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from the customers and find out why InTouch rocks!

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InTouch - still the world's favorite HMI ! 

From Control Magazine's reader's choice award, to recognition by ARC Advisory Group as number one market share leader - InTouch continues to receive praise, accolades and new fans.

                        Why InTouch is still #1